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Single Point Of Contact

Creating new relationships can be challenging but Sepehr Run Tarabar can have one dedicated assigned team to work with the specific needs of your company. Our team will get to know you and your requirements. This allows you to focus on your business, not on managing multiple freight forwarders, shipping agencies, customs brokers, etc.

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Our services will be completely customized for you and your cargo. We find the right solutions for every shipment, and can quickly change as your needs change. This proven philosophy allows you to concentrate on your business knowing your products will be delivered safe and sound at the right time.

Change of Priority

When a shipment has been set up on a particular schedule and the conditions change, requiring a faster delivery than anticipated, Sepehr Run Tarabar can make the schedule change to accommodate your needs. Whether your required normal service needs to be expedited or to go by overnight air, we can work with you to make that change, saving you the time and hassle of contacting multiple transportation companies.

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Personalized Service

Our team is friendly and courteous with customer service being our number one priority, handling every shipment as if your customers were our own. Our family becomes an extension of yours, giving you the confidence that we will take care of your reputation as well as your cargo.

Competitive Pricing

We understand that keeping costs down is a major concern in today’s global market situation. Sepehr Run Tarabar will work with you to find the services and costs that fit your budget. Our vast worldwide network allows us to source out the best prices, keeping you competitive.

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Vendor Scheduling Changes

When your vendor doesn’t ship your goods on schedule who lets you know about the delay? It is common that no notification is provided, unless your solution provider is Sepehr Run Tarabar. We let you know when the goods are picked up, or if the pickup has been delayed, which gives you the opportunity to make any internal adjustments.